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Fundraising online is easy

You can easily start fundraising with the 2gether as 1 project & Living to Love campaign today.


Whether it's a event, birthday, run or gaming marathon, you can start fundraising with our team. It's easy, create a fundraiser, invite your friends and family, 2gether as 1 we can help other's live a better life!

Volunteers at Food Bank

Your fundraiser helps us to improve conditions and fund our mission.


For those facing domestic violence, hunger and racism, we support the AAPI community, Black Lives Matter, Hispanics, and LGBTQ communities and for all to live in a free world without judgement or partiality.

Every dollar you raise will help support our works to provide for those suffering as fast as we can. All funds raised through the 2gether as 1 Project & Living to Love campaign. Platforms will support MAD21's mission and cause, each platform donation is designated to that specific program or location.​​


1. Select the fundraiser that is right for you. You will be granted access to a personalized fundraising center with the tools needed to be successful and track your goal progress.

2. SIGN UP and customize your fundraiser. You can set up a team or a personal fundraising page. Next make your fundraiser exclusively yours by adding images and sharing why you're raising money to support 2gether as 1 Project & Living to Love campaign.

3. Then share your fundraiser with friends, family and colleagues. Let everybody know and thank them for supporting this important mission.

4. Now let's celebrate your success! Every dollar raised helps to provide for those less fortunate, children, warriors, families of the community to break the cycle, and start living to love.

 4 Simple Steps
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