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To promote healthy relationships through public educational awareness; targeting and exposing the signs of imbalances of power and control by an intimate partner and create preventative and early intervention measures to break the cycle of domestic abuse in relationships.

About us

MAD21 (Make A Difference 2 1) is a nonprofit initiative to put a stop to domestic violence by educating the community on how to recognize abusive tendencies and seek help. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, we work at the grassroots level to address the problem of relationship abuse.


Working in tandem with other organizations to raise awareness, and engage community advocates. Our ultimate goal is to prevent the negative outcomes of domestic violence and save lives as we transform the way our culture treats domestic abuse.


Our vision is to build one of the leading educational resource programs for domestic abuse awareness across Tennessee and beyond; where communities can recognize, seek help and be free from domestic violence abuse thanks to our work.

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