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Our Services


MAD21.ORG INC plan assumes that violence is not an intractable problem but rather a public health crisis that is preventable and treatable through an intentional, coordinated, and sustained effort based on national best practices and available evidence. We provide support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs and our must focus on individuals, communities, and systems in order to advance this goal.

SAfety planning

A "safety plan"is used to describe a plan of action or outline of steps that can help to keep you safe from your abuser.


Criminal injuries compensation assistance

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund is designed to financially assist innocent victims of violent crimes of violent crimes only in the state of TN.


Order Of protection Assistance

An "Order of Protection" is a document issued by the court help protect you from domestic abuse or harassment and can set limits on your abusive partners behavior.


celebrated heroic & optimistic warrior

Assistance for formerly incarcerated men/women released and entered into a  rehabilitative program.

Community Service

MAD21.ORG, INC serves as a resource for volunteers that are ordered to complete community service by the court.


Type of offenses or volunteer age may be factors that prevent acceptance. service by the court. We also reserve the right to accept or reject court-ordered volunteers.

i-360, Petition for amerasian, widow (er), or special immigrant

For non citizens who have been abused by their U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident relative the ability to independently petition for themselves.


Known as a (self-petition) for immigrant classification without the abuser’s knowledge, consent, or participation in the immigration process.


A Safe Place Locker

A Safe Place Locker provides free confidential services to anyone who has experienced domestic violence to store private photos, video or documents into a Vault and hide them there to reduce the risk of evidence being lost or destroyed.

What Our Clients Say



mad21 warrior


To whom it may concern Ms.Missy has been a life saver time after time for me and my family! I recently was incarcerated for an assault charge and was doing (13) months, well served 13 months. I thought I never make it out of there until she came along and helped get me home to my family.  She is like the mother I never had! Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team. Now I've been home (6) months and she is still here in my life. She is great for support if you need to talk or really anything. She is the sweetest lady I know. I pray my letter helps because if anyone deserves a chance Missy do! She has a passion to help domestic violence cases by analyzing and not judging, because every situation is unique Thank you for everything again!

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