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A Safe place locker


A Safe Place Locker provides free confidential services to anyone who has experienced domestic violence to store private documents and belongings to reduce the risk of evidence being lost or destroyed.

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Let's break the cycle!

Use your phone to collect as much information that you can about the abuse. This can be;


1. Recordings of arguments and/or abuse.

2. Photos

3. Receipts

4. Medical records

5. Court documents

6. Restraining or Order of Protection that point toward abuse.


Text (615)-829-6047 or Email (Blank) to send all of your photos, screenshots of messages and other files documenting the abuse. 

Please note: Recording someone over the phone without their consent in (TN) is NOT illegal.

What is "A Safe Place locker"?


A Safe Place locker provides a safe place for domestic violence victims to store evidence of abuse such as photos, police reports, text messages or other pertinent evidence of violence away from their abuser.


This service gives you the security of protecting your evidence, it's readily available and provides the confidence survivors need that their evidence can't be destroyed.


A Safe Place locker is a place of diversity there is no place for discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm; just simply a safe place for all regardless of race, background or beliefs.






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