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core values


At MAD21, (Make A Difference 2 1) we are grounded by the following core values:


Collaboration: We live by the expression “it takes a village.” Rather than reinventing the wheel, we seek partners who share our mission, working together collaboratively to advance our goals and transform lives.


Diversity and Inclusion: We believe in upholding the dignity of every human being and respecting every person’s right to be treated humanely, regardless of who they are or what they’ve been through.


We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming community centered on kindness, compassion, and nonjudgmental support; denouncing racism, intolerance, and exclusion.


Our core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are built into all our nonprofit’s operations, we believe embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as our organizational value; whether in direct services or in the nonprofit capacity building or public policy spheres creates positive outcomes.


We remain guided by these values; in our work, in board meetings and public communications while advancing our mission, we will continue to examine biases and adopt best practices while promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our work, our staff and board members encouraging all to reflect, listen, and respect each other; learning from one another's experiences.

Equality: We believe every person should have the same equal chance at peace, health, and happiness. We work diligently to promote this idea among the people we support.


Integrity: We believe in operating at a high level of honesty and transparency. We want to be known as people of strong character working for an organization that gives back in meaningful ways. We strive to always communicate openly and honestly with our community, our partners, and the people we support.

Transparency: We believe in communicating openly, honestly, and clearly with every one making sure to hold ourselves accountable to our community for our work.

Proverbs 21:21 Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness finds life, prosperity and honor.

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