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Young Volunteers

Community Service 


888-486-2321 Ext. 703



424 Church St. Suite 2000

Nashville, TN 37219

MAD21.ORG, INC serves as a resource for volunteers that are ordered to complete community service by the court.


Type of offenses or volunteer age may be factors that prevent acceptance. service by the court. We also reserve the right to accept or reject court-ordered volunteers.

Let's work together

Keep in mind there are many benefits to volunteering, mainly contributing to meaningful opportunities and purposes that help make the community a better place.




Service hours are provided for minor offenses. Absolutely no violent offenses.        


Examples of some acceptable offenses are school orders, housing orders, DUI, or traffic violations.  

​Volunteer opportunities are also available for individuals with advanced skills and experience in writing grants, editing, grant research, internet research, or creative design.     

You must provide court paperwork before starting.

Text the document to:

(615) 829-6047 or Email it to:


Please allow (24) hours for a response.                  

2  1

Service letters are provided after the total number of hours agreed to are completed.           

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