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"Our Services: A Strategy for Preventing and Addressing Domestic & Gun Violence"

"At MAD21.ORG INC, we approach violence as a preventable and treatable public health crisis, rather than an insurmountable issue. Our plan is rooted in the principles of intentional, coordinated, and sustained efforts, drawing upon national best practices and available evidence.

We offer comprehensive support that considers the holistic well-being of individuals, recognizing that addressing violence requires a focus on mental health needs as well as a broader perspective that encompasses individuals, communities, and systems.


This approach is essential to achieving our goal of preventing and addressing domestic and gun violence."

SAfety planning

"A 'safety plan' is a crucial tool designed to outline a strategic course of action aimed at ensuring your safety and protection from an abuser.


It encompasses a set of proactive measures and steps to follow in the event of a domestic violence situation."

Criminal injuries compensation assistance

"The Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund is specifically established to provide financial assistance to innocent victims of violent crimes, whether or not a firearm was involved.


This fund is designated for victims of violent crimes occurring exclusively within the state of Tennessee.


Its primary purpose is to offer support and compensation to those who have suffered as a result of such crimes."

Order Of protection Assistance

An "Order of Protection" is a legally binding document issued by the court with the primary purpose of safeguarding individuals from domestic abuse or harassment.


This critical legal instrument not only serves as a vital shield but also as a powerful advocate for victims.


Through an Order of Protection, the court wields the authority to impose specific restrictions on the behavior of an abusive partner, including mandated distance, communication limitations, and other protective measures.


Ultimately, it stands as a formidable bulwark that reinforces the safety, security, and overall well-being of the victim, affording them the peace and protection they rightfully deserve.

Community Service

"MAD21.ORG, INC serves as a resource for court-ordered community service volunteers.


Acceptance into our program may be influenced by factors such as the nature of the offense or the volunteer's age.


We also maintain the discretion to approve or decline court-ordered volunteers based on our organization's policies."


"Each survivor who summons the courage to break free from their abuser or seeks emergency assistance deserves unwavering support during this pivotal transition.

Survivors already carry a substantial mental and emotional load as they prepare for a new beginning and sort out their affairs.

During this challenging time, the burden of securing basic necessities should not compound their challenges.


Our commitment is to alleviate this additional concern and provide the support survivors need to move forward with hope and confidence."

A Safe Place Locker

"A Safe Place Locker offers a crucial lifeline, extending free and confidential services to individuals who have endured the harrowing experience of domestic violence.


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure haven for survivors, allowing them to safeguard their private photos, videos, and important documents within a protected Vault.


By taking this proactive step, we aim to reduce the risk of vital evidence being lost or destroyed, thereby empowering survivors with a tangible means to protect their rights and seek justice."

What Our Clients Say



mad21 warrior


To whom it may concern Ms.Missy has been a life saver time after time for me and my family! I recently was incarcerated for an assault charge and was doing (13) months, well served 13 months. I thought I never make it out of there until she came along and helped get me home to my family.  She is like the mother I never had! Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team. Now I've been home (6) months and she is still here in my life. She is great for support if you need to talk or really anything. She is the sweetest lady I know. I pray my letter helps because if anyone deserves a chance Missy do! She has a passion to help domestic violence cases by analyzing and not judging, because every situation is unique Thank you for everything again!

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