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Safety Planning 

Safety planning is primarily for someone involved in an abusive relationship, your safety is of primary importance.


Planning for your safety is a necessary and important step, it can be used while you are still with your abuser or after the relationship has ended.


A “safety plan” is a term often used to describe a plan of actions that can help keep you safer from an abuser.


A victim cannot control his or her partner’s abusive behavior, but they can take steps to protect themselves and their children from harm. A safety plan is a personalized and practical plan that helps identify things a victim can do to better protect themselves and their children and to help reduce the risk of being hurt.

Safety plans can include:

  • Obtaining a new cell phone

  • Changing a routine

  • Changing locks and installing security systems

  • Determining ways to keep children safe

  • Creating a plan for where to go should an incident occur.

If a victim is planning to leave, here are some thing to consider:

  • Putting aside a bag with money, a change of clothes, identification, and medication.

  • Putting aside important documents like birth certificates and social security cards.

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