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Eradicating domestic gun violence and promoting survival skills in the context of domestic violence are crucial objectives that require multifaceted strategies involving individuals, communities, and policymakers.



How we can address these issues effectively:

7. Data Collection and Research:

  • Collect Comprehensive Data: Gather data on domestic gun violence cases to better understand the scope of the problem and inform evidence-based solutions.

  • Research and Evaluation: Support research into effective intervention strategies and evaluate the impact of programs aimed at eradicating domestic gun violence.

Eradicating domestic gun violence and equipping survivors with essential survival skills represent intricate and long-term endeavors. These pursuits demand a collaborative and multifaceted approach that delves into the root causes of violence, empowers survivors, and advocates for systemic changes in policies and legislation.


The unwavering support and engagement of our communities are pivotal in driving substantive transformation within this critical sphere.

In our dedication to fostering sustainable violence reduction, we prioritize interventions designed to establish a fundamental level of safety. Our focus lies in reducing incidents of shootings while concurrently building a robust infrastructure for violence reduction.

We firmly believe that this infrastructure must be centered around those individuals most profoundly impacted by violence. It necessitates close and personal engagement with affected individuals, allowing for timely intervention and healing.


We also dedicate ourselves to educating both adults and youth in our communities to break the cycles of violence, ultimately empowering individuals and promoting healing.

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