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Young Volunteers

Community Service 


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Court-ordered community service can be an opportunity for individuals to make amends and contribute positively to their communities, including benefiting domestic violence victims. 

Here are some community service activities that you may do to help benefit domestic violence victims: 



1. Crisis Shelter Assistance: Volunteer at domestic violence shelters, helping with maintenance, cleaning, and providing support to residents. 


2. Donation Sorting: Assist in sorting and organizing donations of clothing, toiletries, and other essentials for domestic violence survivors. 


3. Support Group Facilitation: Co-facilitate support groups for survivors, under the guidance of a trained counselor or therapist. 

4. Transportation Assistance: Offer transportation services to survivors, helping them access medical appointments, legal proceedings, or support services. 


5. Legal Aid Clinics: Assist legal professionals with administrative tasks at legal aid clinics, helping survivors obtain restraining orders or navigate legal processes. 


6. Community Awareness Campaigns: Participate in community events or awareness campaigns to educate the public about domestic violence and available resources. 


7. Emergency Go-Bag Assembly: Prepare emergency go-bags with essential items and resources for survivors who may need to leave abusive situations. 


8. Education Workshops: Help organize and facilitate workshops on domestic violence prevention and awareness in schools, community centers, or workplaces. 


9. Support for Court Appearances: Accompany survivors to court appearances, offering emotional support and assistance as a court advocate. 


10. Emergency Response Training: Participate in training sessions to become certified in domestic violence crisis intervention and response. 


11. Transitional Housing Support: Assist with the maintenance and upkeep of transitional housing facilities for survivors. 


12. Supporting Nonprofit Organizations: Volunteer with local domestic violence nonprofits, providing administrative support, marketing assistance, or other needed services. 

13. Resource Directory Creation: Compile and update resource directories that list local domestic violence service providers, shelters, and support groups.


Volunteer opportunities are also available for individuals with advanced skills and experience in writing grants, editing, grant research, internet research, or creative design.


Let's work together

"It is imperative that individuals fulfilling court-ordered community service do so under the supervision and guidance of professionals and organizations dedicated to domestic violence support.


This ensures that their contributions are in harmony with the needs and safety of survivors.


As such, we maintain a selective approach and reserve the right to decline certain defendants; violent crime offenders will not be admitted to the domestic violence program." 

You must provide court paperwork before starting.​ Email the document to:


Please allow (24) hours for a response. 


Service letters are provided after the total number of hours agreed to are completed.                            



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