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We are committed to help eradicate domestic violence abuse by expanding our services into partnerships with 'like minded' organizations and alliances with the government.


We partner with local nonprofits in the area, working together to contribute to a world where people can live free from violence, discrimination and circumstances of poverty. 


We assist and advocate primarily for those affected; our goal is to continue our focus on sensible solutions and best practices in our work; seeking to maximize every opportunity to fulfill our mission to help transform lives as quickly as  possible. Give programs

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Safety Planning/Go Bag


The Give A Chance Program- Offers safety planning and a care package also called the (go bag) for victims in need of emergency assistance such as; food or groceries during a relocation.

The program also offers help for clients with housing, transportation or emergency hotel needs. Each client receives a "go bag" that includes; a gift card for food/groceries, towels, pajamas, a jogging suit, toothbrushes, toothpaste, blanket, and other feminine hygiene products.


Children items are available based on unique family needs.

During this time a safety plan is developed to help survivors create a strategic plan to keep themselves, their children and/or pets safe while preparing to leave an abusive partner and understanding of what to expect after leaving.

Each survivor that makes a decision to leave their abuser or in need of emergency assistance will receive this service to help with their transition.

Survivors have so much mentally to prepare for and affairs to get in order, basic necessities, where to live, or transportation should not be another concern. 

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Domestic & Gang Violence in Teen Dating.


The Give Confidence Program-

Offers four courses;


1. Self Awareness

2. Learning to Love Yourself

3. Standing in your Truth

4. Survival Skills


These studies are designed for teens to recognize and understand the signs of (DV) also known as domestic violence, to build confidence, and have and maintain healthy relationships.


This is done by steering away from gang life attractions such as; money, support, the false sense of belonging, status or a perceived sense of protection. 

The experience of teen violence is identical to adult domestic violence all a part of the wheel of power and control. To date, youth (DV) has increased to 40% and abusers are often gang affiliated.


Violence is a part of the initiation process this is part of the gang culture, it is a conditioning that begins once one is initiated into a gang.


Once inducted into the gang, violence becomes a routine part of the member's life. The male/female dominance starts the victimization and is a direct part of the gang culture.

What is teen dating domestic violence?


Any act, or threat, of physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse.

Why is this program so important?


Traditional domestic violence research and resources do not include victims of gang abusers. 

What teens are directly affected?

Teens and young adults from all ethnic and economic backgrounds can be gang members, although the most recruited are from the inner city and low-income families.

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